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Siemens Controls

Siemen Sirius - Motor Starters -Contactor Relays - Overload Relays -Circuit Breakers

Siemens Energy and Automation

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Control Panel Fabrication Information

SIRIUS IEC Contactors @ Siemens

When endurance and extreme load capability are the name of the game, Sirius Contactors are the perfect choice. The narrow design, the high availability, and the wide range of Sirius contactors ensure that these contactors have the optimum type for any requirement. Standard Contactors, along with Vacuum, 4 pole, 4 pole (2 NO + 2 NC), Capacitive, Standard Reversing Contactor Assemblies, Resistive, Solid State or Conventional Coil, with Remaining Life Time indicator, with AS-Interface are just a few of the versions which round out the Sirius Family. A large array of easily installed, standard accessories may be used to customize the contactors for different applications. These auxiliaries can be easily connected to the family of contactors. High contactor reliability, long life time, and the ability to operate under extreme conditions (up to 60 degrees C) differentiate the Sirius family of contactors.

Siemens SIRIUS IEC Starters

Combination Motor Starters & Starters for Group Installation

3RA11 Combination Starters The 3RA1 combination motor starters consist of the 3RV10 MSP and one or more 3RT1 contactors. The Non-Reversing or Reversing assemblies come with a FastBus mounting shoe or as a Panel Mount version. The MSP and contactor(s) are prewired and mechanically connected with preassembled kits (link modules, connection assembly kits and mounting rail or busbar adapters). As the 3RA1 combination motor starters are constructed from 3RV1 MSPs and 3RT1 contactors, the same accessories can be used for the combination starter as are used for the MSPs and contactors. With the addition of a terminal kit the fame sizes S0 and S3 can be applied as a Combination Starter, UL508 Type F. The S2 frame size can be applied as a Combination Starter, UL508 Type F without the addition of a terminal kit.

Reversing Combinations

Reversing Combinations Clockwise or counter-clockwise – our reversing combinations allow a motor to be operated with two directions of rotation. This combination comprises two standard contactors where the phases are interchanged.

If you wish to assemble the combination yourself, the contactors can be quickly, simply and reliably wired-up and mechanically interlocked using the appropriate link and interlocking modules from the modular SIRIUS system.

The starting characteristics are the same as those of a direct online starter. In conjunction with the appropriate protective elements, just like the direct online starter, space-saving and compact load feeders can be assembled, both with fuses and without fuses.

Motor Contactor Relays

Contactor Relay Contactor relays are switching devices for control and auxiliary circuits and are used to control, provide signals and interlock switching devices and switchgear panels. It goes without saying that the 3RH1 SIRIUS contactor relays have connection designations in compliance with the standard and use a connection system which is both time and cost saving – fulfilling the requirements from the field. The 3RH1 contactor relays and the size S00 motor contactors are the same size and have the same optical design; this represents a significant advantage, especially when it comes to accessories.

They are designed for AC or DC operation and are available with screw or spring-loaded technology. The basic version of the contactor relays has 4 poles but this can be extended up to 8 poles using auxiliary contact blocks.

Motor Contactors for Switching Motors

3-Pole Contactors

3 Pole Contactors The three-pole 3RT10 contactors are admirably suited for one of the most generally encountered applications – switching 3-phase motors. The complete power range from 3 to 250 kW/400 V, for AC as well as DC operation, is covered by just seven sizes. For applications where an extremely high electrical service life is important, for heavy-duty starting or for applications with 1000 V the 3RT12 vacuum contactors are the right choice.

SIRIUS 3RT contactors in sizes S6, S10 and S12 offer you flexibility unknown up to now: coils can be lifted out and replaced in the fitted contactor without tools or removing the main wiring.

The coils which are available as conventional UC drives, electronic UC drives with or without remaining service life reporting or additionally with the AS interface communication interface can be used both for air and vacuum contactors.

Vacuum Motor Contactors

Vacuum Contactors 3RT12 vacuum contactors are the right choice if you place significant value on extremely high performance and availability and increased personnel and plant safety. When compared to conventional air contactors, they offer a significantly higher electrical endurance. There are no arcs and no switching gases. This means that main contact wear and erosion are negligible.

Vacuum contactors are available in sizes S10 and S12 over all power classes from 110 to 250 kW/400 V. The technical and economic benefits of vacuum contactors are especially important in applications with a high switching frequency, for heavy-duty starting and for applications up to 1000 V.

4-pole Contactors

4 Pole Contactors In addition to the 3RT13 4-pole contactors with 4 NO contacts to switch ohmic loads there are also the 3RT15 SIRIUS contactors with 2 NO +2 NC contacts. These are used for instance to change over the poles of crane motors, as brake contactor or to switch two loads separately from one another.

Capacitor Contactors

Capacitor Contactors 3RT16 capacitor contactors are used to switch power capacitors which are used for reactive current compensation. Special series resistors and auxiliary contacts, integrated in the capacitor contactor, reduce the high inrush current of the capacitor which would otherwise flow. This reduced inrush current guarantees a high contactor and capacitor life time.

These contactors are available in sizes S00, S0 and S3 and can generally be equipped with the standard accessories of the basic devices.

Siemens SIRIUS IEC Overload Relays @ Siemen

SIRIUS overload relays are available in thermal and solid-state versions. The can be directly mounted to SIRIUS 3RT contactors and 3RA reversing contactors or separately mounted in the control panel.

3RU1 thermal and 3RB20/21 solid-state versions provide current-dependent overload protection of motor loads.

The modular 3RB22/3RB23 solid-state overload relays offer a higher level of functionality and protection. These devices not only protect your loads as a function of the current, but also as a function of the temperature when a PTC thermistor sensor is connected. The PTC sensor directly measures the temperature of the motor windings which is then evaluated by the relay.

Siemens SIRIUS 3RU1 and 3RB2 Overload Relays

3RU and 3RB SIRIUS overload relays, that are available in thermal (3RU1) and electronic versions (3RB2), provide in the main circuit current-dependent overload protection of electronic loads (e.g. motors) as well as other switching and protective devices in the particular load feeder.

The advantages at a glance

  • Variants reduction due to setting range of 1:4
  • Cost reduction due to less power loss
  • Solutions for standard/heavy load starting: CLASS 5, 10, 20, 30

Protecting with 3RB22/3RB23

3RB22 AND 3RB23 Our modular solid-state 3RB22/3RB23 overload relays – that provide full motor protection – offer the highest level of functionality and protection. These devices not only protect your loads as a function of the current, but also as a function of the temperature because a PTC thermistor sensor is connected. The PTC sensor directly measures the temperature of the motor windings which is then evaluated by the relay.

The advantages at a glance

  • Variants reduction due to setting range of 1:10
  • Full motor protection by a connected PTC-sensor
  • Transmitting operating data/communication via analog output
  • Our SIMOCODE pro motor management system is the optimum choice if you wish – in addition to the features of the 3RB22/3RB23 relays – to have even more extensive control functions. These include user-friendly diagnostic capabilities and high-performance communications with PROFIBUS DP.

SIRIUS IEC Motor Starter Protectors @ Siemens

Starter Protector 3RV10 Motor Starter Protectors (MSPs) are built for a wide range of applications and meet the requirements of control users worldwide. Each MSP features a manual ON/OFF switch, a Class 10 adjustable bimetallic overload relay (Class 20 available in the two largest frame sizes), and magnetic trip elements for short circuit protection.

3RV17 The 3RV10 MSPs can be used in a variety of applications;

  • As a Manual Motor Starter.
  • As a Manual Self-protected Combination Motor Controller, Type E.
  • As part of a Combination Motor Controller Type F.
  • As an IEC Circuit Breaker for export.

Lighting Control

Lighting and Heating Contactors

Siemens offers a comprehensive line of lighting and heating contactors and a wide range of control solutions for lighting applications.

Contactors can be used individually for simple control schemes or as integral components in full-featured lighting control systems. Siemens contactors for lighting control provide reliable and efficient means of local or remote switching of lighting as well as non-inductive loads. The rugged construction, heavy-duty ratings and a wide selection of control options and accessories makes the Siemens lighting and heating contactors the right choice for your applications.

Electrically Held Contactors, Class LE

Lighting Controls Class LE Siemens Class LE electrically held lighting and heating contactors are used in applications where it is not critical that the contacts remain in the closed position during loss of control power.

Mechanically Held Contactors, Class CLM

Lighting Controls Class CLM Siemens Class CLM magnetically and mechanically held lighting and heating contactors are used in applications where it is critical that the contacts remain in the closed position during loss of control power. These contactors do not change state and disconnect power from the load during a loss of control power whether momentary or sustained. That is because the operating coil is not required to be continuously energized.

Since the coil is not continuously energized, energy is saved and coil hum is eliminated. This makes the contactor ideal for applications where quiet operation is critical.

Limit Switches @ Siemens

Limit Switches The function of a switch is to produce electrical signals corresponding to the position of the device to be detected. Limit, Interlock, Hinge & Cable-operated switches have operating heads which incorporate some type of lever arm, plunger, coded key, hinge or cable depending on the application and the device selected.If the switch has positive opening of the normally closed contact it may be suitable for use in Machine Safety applications.

  • 3SE03 - North American Metal Limit Switches
  • 3SE22 - Molded Plastic Limit Switches
  • 3SE2* - Metal Limit Switches
  • 3SE30 - Open Type Limit Switches
  • 3SE31 - Metal Limit Switches with Molded Cable

Manual Motor Starters and Switches

A manual motor starter is a controller whose contact mechanism is operated by a mechanical linkage from a toggle handle or push button which is in turn operated by hand. A thermal unit and direct acting overload mechanism provides motor running overload protection. Basically, a manual starter is an “ON-OFF” switch with overload protection. Siemens manual motor starters and switches are used in many applications for local control of equipment in the industrial or construction markets, such as operating power saws, pumps, fans, conveyors, blowers, packaging, sorting and other machinery. These starters are UL listed and CSA approved. Siemens offers a variety of manual starters for various applications. This is a test.

Class SMF

Class SMF fractional horsepower starters provide On-Off control for small single phase motors up to 1 HP AC or up to ¾ HP DC. It also can operate two speed AC, single phase, one or two poles motors.

  • Continuous current rating 16 amperes
  • Overload trip assembly
  • Two speed starters
  • Heater elements to protect motors from overload currents

Class MMS and MRS

Class MMS and MRS manual motor switches and manual reversing switches are designed to operate single- or three-phase AC or DC motors. Overload protection should be provided externally. Applications for two speed motors can also use these switches.

  • Continuous current rating 30 amperes at 250 volts max, 26.4 amperes at 277 volts, 20 amperes at 600 volts max, 30 amperes resistive at 600 volts max.
  • Two Speed – Class MRS
  • Reversing – Class MRS

Class 11 - 3RV

Class 11 3RV across the line manual motor starters and switches provide local control for single- or three phase motors up to 15 HP. Class 11 3RV Motor Starters have bimetallic heater elements to provide over-current protection.

  • ON/OFF rotary handle with lockout and visible trip indication
  • Adjustable dial for setting to motor FLA (Starters only)
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Short circuit trip at 13 times the maximum setting of the FLA dial or rated current
  • Ambient compensated up to 140 degree F

Push Button and Pilot Devices @ Siemens

3SB3 22MM Siemens offers an extensive array of pilot devices and signal columns for a wide variety of applications. Pushbutton and pilot device offerings include:

  • 16mm 3SB2 series for applications where panel space is a premium
  • 22mm 3SB3 series offers maximum flexibility and industry best time install savings and environmental ratings. Networked control stations offer state of the art technology including certified networked safety combinations.
  • 30mm Class 52 series is the classic pushbutton design for the NEMA markets. Offering both standard die cast metal and the ultra rugged BLACK MAX styles, you can feel confident using the best pilot devices available.
  • NEMA 7 & 9 Hazardous location and standard duty control stations round out the complete lineup of pilot control components.

Safety Systems @ Siemens

Siemens SIRIUS Safety Components - Safety with seamless, integrated industrial controls

In spite of the continually increasing complexity of industrial automation, many applicationsare limited to specific areas. No matter how simple and basic the requirementsmay be, it is still important to have a reliable partner in these areas. We havethe optimum concept for this – SIRIUS Safety Integrated. For safety-related detecting,commanding and signaling, monitoring and evaluating or starting and safedeactivating – our safety-related industrial controls are all specialists for seamless,integrated safety tasks in your plant. SIRIUS Safety Integrated can also tackle networked,more complex safety tasks using standard fieldbus systems such asAS-Interface and PROFIBUS.

8WD4 Signaling Columns and BeaconsThe smart, modular light pole

As automation has evolved in industrial and commercial settings, so has the need for enhanced communication between the automated process and its user. This need has spawned a multitude of signaling columns-none as refined as the 8WD4 Series from Siemens. The 8WD4 Series consists of two product lines: the popular 8WD43 and the compact 8WD42. Within each line, there exists a host of light, color, sound and mounting options. You tailor your 8WD43 or 8WD42 to the system or process you wish to monitor. This versatility lends itself to a broad range of applications.

8WD4 Signaling Columns

Signaling columns at machines or in automated processes are important optical devices to monitor complex sequences. They are used as visual or acoustic alarm devices when emergencies situations occur.

8WD4 signaling columns can be directly connected to the yellow AS-i cable using an adapter element; they can combine a maximum of four different optical or acoustic signaling elements that can be easily mounted.

Integrated Signal Lamps

Tough and Long lasting

Integrated signal lamps are used for visual signaling and can be directly attached to the machine. They are available in the colors red, yellow, green, blue and clear with a diameter of 70 mm.

Their special design ensures optimum radiant emittance both laterally and vertically. They come equipped with filament lamps or with particularly long-lasting LED elements.

SIRIUS Soft Starters @ Siemens

A gentle approach is always the best.

Nowadays, three-phase motors represent the most favored type of drive concept. Direct starting or star-delta starting is, in many cases, not the best solution. Such methods often result in unpleasant side-effects such as mechanical impacts inside the machine or voltage dips in the power supply system.

Our new SIRIUS family of soft starters is a comprehensive range of products covering all the standard and high-feature motor-starting applications. The advantages of soft start-up and smooth ramp-down with these devices can therefore be exploited in the most varied of applications for simple and economically efficient machinery and equipment layouts.

Siemens SIRIUS Soft Starters

Siemens SIRIUS 3RW3003

3RW30 The world's smallest motor starter is primarily used for application on smaller three-phase a.c. motors. Its slim, 22.5 mm design creates a wealth of space in the control cabinet.

Siemens SIRIUS 3RW30/31 Standard

3RW30 Belt slip in heating blowers or the sudden build-up of water pressure in washing plants are only two of the many problems that can occur when motors output too much power immediately on being started. With the SIRIUS 3RW30/31 to 55 kW (at 400 V) – respectively 60 hp (at 460 V) –, you can reliably avoid such problems with your equipment from the start. And the best thing about this is that, because the SIRIUS 3RW30/31 is the only soft starter in the world with identical sizes within a family of devices, it is even possible to directly change over from direct to soft starting.

Siemens SIRIUS 3RW40 for Standard Applications

3RW40 The new 3RW40 soft motor starters in the lower power range from 5.5 - 55 kW (with 400 V) in sizes S0 to S3 expand the performance spectrum of the 3RW40 soft starters. They represent the compact and price-attractive alternative to start-delta starters.

Siemens SIRIUS 3RW44

A Large Range of Functions for a Small Price

3RW44Thanks to its outstanding functions, the SIRIUS 3RW44 all-round talent handles difficult start-up and deceleration processes in a simple and, above all, gentle manner. With its innovative torque control system, it can be used for drives with a power output up to 710 kW at 400 V – respectively 950 hp at 460 V – in an inline circuit or up to 1200 kW at 400 V – respectively 1700 hp at 460 V – in an inside-delta circuit. Designed for simple handling, the functions are exceptionally easy to use.

Circuit Breakers Siemens

Intelligent Simplicity

The new generation of SIEMENS circuit breakers provides thousands of combinations based on a few components. The new families of VL molded case circuit breakers and WL power circuit breakers cover a wide range of amperage from 125 A up to 5000 A.

SIEMENS VL Family of Molded Case Circuit Breakers

SIEMENS VL Molded Case Circuit Breakers utilize a compact and modular design which can be configured to suit a wide range of ratings from 50A up to 1600A. Designed for global requirements, these breakers include world's major standards and markings such as UL, CSA, NOM, IEC and CE.

Siemens Sentron Series Molded Case Circuit Breakers


Siemens Sentron™ Series Circuit Breakers have a long history of excellent performance in both the commercial and industrial market segments, they are tried and true in the most critical applications. Siemens Sentron™ Series circuit breakers are available in nine frame sizes: ED, FD, JD, LD, LMD, MD, ND, PD, and RD.

  • Standards (UL489, some have CSA, CE, NOM, HID, HACR, SWD)
  • Motor circuit protectors and molded case switches are available in many sizes
  • 15 to 2000A ratings, fixed or interchangeable trip units
  • Current limiting models are available
  • 100% rated frames available
  • UL listed field installable internal and external accessories
  • Thermal magnetic and solid state trip units available
  • Series connected short circuit ratings

Miniature Circuit Breakers @ Siemens

Opening New Horizons

Miniature Circuit Breaker IEC style miniature circuit breakers (MCB) according to ENNEC 60 898 are not always permitted in North America. For this reason, MCBs were developed that were based on the miniature circuit breakers of the 5SY series and met the special requirements of UL 489.

Within the sphere of influence of NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) MCBs are certified as a solution for protective applications and can be used for branch circuit protection in the branches of control panels and systems.

The connection terminals are designed for the class: "Field wiring". This means that, as well as being installed in a factory, the MCBs can be installed locally at customer sites. In addition to the permissible tripping ranges according to UL 489, device tipping characteristics C and D to ENNEC 60 898 have also been adapted. Therefore, the MCBs comply with both standards.

Siemens General Application Molded Case Circuit Breakers


Siemens Molded Case Circuit Breakers Siemens General Application Circuit Breakers are industrial design thermal-magnetic breakers with valuable features for the global market, such as

  • A design that meets multi-national standards
  • Global ratings (UL489 / CSA-C22.2 No. 5-02 / IEC 60947-2 / NMX-J-266-ANCE-2002)
  • Field installable internal and external accessories

Siemens NGG 15A to 125A Frame Circuit Breakers

Main Features:

  • Global ratings (UL / CSA / IEC / NOM)
  • HACR, SWD and HID marked (at applicable ratings)
  • UL listed field installable accessories
  • Removable lugs or ring terminal connectors allow last minute changes on site
  • 35kA or 65kA @ 480VAC
  • Compact size (3.0" W x 5.5" H x 3.0" D (1.0" wide per pole))
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 pole units
  • Overcenter toggle and trip free mechanism
  • Suitable for reverse feed applications
  • Common trip
  • Voltage ratings of 120V, 240V, 277V, 480V, 600Y/347V AC
  • DC rated up to 250V DC

Siemens EG Frame Circuit Breakers are well suited for OEM designed equipment in both light commercial and industrial applications. They may be used as incoming main and branch breakers in power distribution systems.

The EG family includes thermal-magnetic breakers, molded case switches, and motor circuit protectors which all can be independetly mounted on DIN rail with an adapter base or held in place by mounting screws.

Siemens Panelboard Mounting Molded Case Circuit Breakers


Siemens Panelboard Mounting Circuit Breakers are industrial design thermal-magnetic breakers with valuable features for the global market, such as

  • A design that meets multi-national standards
  • Global ratings (UL489 / CSA-C22.2 No. 5-02 / IEC 60947-2 / NMX-J-266-ANCE-2002)
  • Field installable internal and external accessories
  • Siemens EB 15A to 125A Frame Circuit Breakers

The Siemens EB Circuit Breaker includes the same design features as the Siemens EG Frame Circuit Breaker except the top of the breaker is configured for panelboard mounting applications.

Siemens NGB 15A to 125A Frame Circuit Breakers

The Siemens NGB Circuit Breaker is a modified Siemens NGG Frame Circuit Breaker for panelboard mounted applications. It includes the same design features as the NGG except the line end of the breaker is configured for a panelboard application and it is without some of the global markings.

SIEMENS WL Low Voltage Power / Insulated Case Circuit Breakers (ANSI/ UL1066 & UL489)

Superior individual products for low-voltage power distribution systems

The SIEMENS WL Family of circuit breakers and accessories are designed for applications from 200A up to 5000A. WL circuit breakers can be applied as main, tie, feeder or distribution breakers in low voltage (LV) electrical power systems. By supporting multiple open protocols for monitoring and controlling the flow of energy in power systems, WL circuit breakers meet the increased demand and expectations for plant and energy management systems. Modularity is the outstanding feature of the WL Circuit Breakers. The trip units themselves can be retrofitted with special LCDs, ground fault modules, metering modules, rating plugs, and communication modules.

SIEMENS SB Insulated Case Circuit Breakers (UL 489)

Siemens SB Encased Systems Breakers bridge the gap between molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) and low voltage power circuit breakers (LVPCB). Modern computer-aided design and manufacturing tools were used to effectively blend the technologies of the MCCB and LVPCB. This combination has resulted in a family of encased systems circuit breakers that exhibit the most desirable characteristics of each of the parent technologies. Included in these characteristics are high interrupting capacities, high withstand capabilities (magnetic stress), high-short time capabilities (overcurrent heating), and high mechanical and electrical endurances without maintenance. Applications for SB breakers include main, tie, feeder, and emergency source breakers in industrial plants, large commercial complexes, and medical and health care facilities. The circuit breakers are constructed for either fixed or draw-out installation. They can be physically grouped in central distribution switchboards or used separately in stand -alone applications.

The SB breaker is equipped with a two-step stored energy mechanism for closing and opening the breaker contacts. After a closing operation, sufficient energy is retained in the two-step stored energy mechanism to perform the tripping function. The mechanism may be charged manually with the integrated low-force charging handle or electrically with the optional electric motor operator. Pushbuttons, switches, and color-coded indicators allow for easy close and open operations.

Control Panel Fabrication Information